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What do you see?

This past Sunday on a hike, per usual, I was taking way to many pictures and probably holding the group up. I saw some mushrooms growing out of some cow droppings. So naturally I stopped to take some pictures. A fellow hiker comes up to me and says ”You know your taking pictures of a turd, right?”

This made me laugh, where I saw the mushrooms, new life, new beginnings, she just saw cow poop!

I guess this says a lot about how I view life and what I hope to show through my photography.

Here is the result of my cow turd photoshoot!

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Photo Safaris

I like to go on what I call photo safaris. I just grab my camera and head out. No particular destination or subject in mind. Sometimes it’s a close a my back yard, sometimes to lands far away or to the nearest pond, beach, mountain top or roundabout.

No matter how far I roam, how many places I visit, there’s not a week that goes by that my breath is not taken away by the beauty that is St Martin.

Where one might see traffic jams, I see birds fishing in the pond  or a gorgeous sunset. Where one might see too many retail stores, I see the traditional architecture or a flamboyant tree taking over.


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